High Short Term Accuracy is at the heart of High Performance SAP Handling
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SAP Refill Systems

sap-refill-systemsAn effective refill device is an integral part of a high-performance SAP System. SAP has to be transferred from the point of supply, whether that be bulk bag or silo, to the production line in an optimum and timely fashion. Sapplicator, therefore, offers refill systems tailored to the line requirements, to ensure the SAPplicator receives the correct refill on demand each time.

Bulk Bag Dischargers

Because most facilities opt to use SAP in bulk bag form, Sapplicator offers bulk bag dischargers incorporating bag support, and the necessary connections to allow them to be incorporated into the SAP system.

Vacuum Conveyors

Whether the SAP is supplied in bulk bag or silo form, Sapplicator offers a wide range of vacuum conveyors, including pump, conveying pipe and correctly sized receiving vessel, which has been matched to the SAPplicator’s refill requirement. To complete the system, and ensure ease of installation, a single support frame is normally supplied for the vacuum conveyor and SAP applicator.