High Short Term Accuracy is at the heart of High Performance SAP Handling
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SAPplicator – the first choice for all AHP manufacturers

Acrison is the worldwide leader in SAP handling solutions

Acrison has wide ranging experience within the AHP (absorbent hygiene products) sector, and our systems are used in the manufacture of baby diapers, female sanitary products and incontinence pads.
We have an unrivalled reputation for quality, precision and accuracy with most of the major multinational producers of adult incontinence, femcare and diaper products.

Industry feedback shows that Acrison is recognised as the benchmark for excellence in SAP handling systems, from raw product receipt, right through to inclusion in the absorbent core.

Acrison is the leading supplier of SAP (super absorbent polymer) applicators for the manufacture of AHP, where the absorbent core is composed of a fluff pulp/SAP mixture.

The "SAPplicator" ensures consistently accurate dosing of SAP, plus all the exceptionally high standards of engineering for which Acrison is renowned worldwide.

Building on its wide range of experience in this demanding market, Acrison's best selling SAP application system is designed in a range of configurations to suit the performance requirements and financial constraints of your manufacturing line.