High Short Term Accuracy is at the heart of High Performance SAP Handling Systems

Sapplicator now offers a ‘waterfall’ of output for your wider SAP dosing requirements.

Sapplicator offers the World’s most accurate, fastest and flexible solutions to dosing SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) to absorbent hygiene product manufacturing lines, from raw product receipt, through to inclusion in the absorbent core.

Sapplicator introduces our Flow Spreader System for wider SAP dosing requirements. Located below the downspout of our Applicator, it provides a ‘waterfall’ of SAP flow output at a width of 120 mm, ensuring even SAP distribution across the product core. To view our new product in action, watch our Sapplicator Flow Spreader System demonstration video.

Sapplicator understands how crucial consistent and efficient SAP application and control is to your manufacturing process. Through extensive and on-going research and development into the unique characteristics of all grades of SAP we have acquired an unrivalled knowledge of the hygiene industry’s requirements, specifically in the production of Baby Diapers, FemCare and Adult Inco products.

Sapplicator systems still offers unrivalled SAP dosing accuracy, which will optimise your output and also make you savings by reducing wastage. What is the cost of poor SAP dosing and pad wastage to your business?

Sapplicator Flow Spreader System Demonstration Video