High Short Term Accuracy is at the heart of High Performance SAP Handling
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Sapplicator's SAP Handling Systems for Optimum Process Performance

sap-handling-systemsIn order to ensure the optimum performance of your process, it is important that your SAP Handling system is designed properly and uses the best possible equipment at each stage.

Throughout the different processes involved in the production of diapers, adult incontinence products and femcare, SAP is added in different ways.

  • For diapers and heavy incontinence products: the SAP is normally blended with fluff pulp in a continuous stream before being separated into pockets in a forming drum to produce the absorbent core.
  • In femcare and lighter absorbency applications: an airlaid material is often used as the absorbent core. Additional absorbency is then provided by adding a layer of SAP on top of the airlaid material to allow several product types to be produced on the same machine.

Flow characteristics of SAP can vary widely from batch to batch, with inconsistent bulk densities – but Sapplicator’s product range takes this in its stride. Developed with extensive R&D into SAP characteristics, Sapplicator offers unrivalled accuracy and flexibility in SAP handling.

  • Sapplicator’s SAP Handling Systems take care of your valuable materials from raw ingredient storage to final delivery at the point of use
  • The SAP material is handled carefully to prevent damage through pneumatic conveying
  • The metering accuracy of the Sapplicator dosing system ensures that you will achieve optimum performance whether it be on a 200 pieces/min adult incontinence line, or an 1800 pieces/min femcare line
  • And, at the final delivery point into the process, the distribution and injection systems ensure that the SAP is delivered precisely where you need it.

Minimise waste, maximise performance with Sapplicator SAP Handling Systems.