High Short Term Accuracy is at the heart of High Performance SAP Handling
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Super Absorbent Polymer Dosing and Handling Systems

Minimising operating costs is a critical consideration of any manufacturing process, even more so in an increasingly competitive environment and these challenging financial times.

The avoidance of product loss is an essential factor in any manufacturing process, but particularly when working with an expensive material, such as Super Absorbent Polymer. To maximise profitability and ensure the optimum, sustainable, competitive advantage, therefore, it is absolutely essential that all process equipment used during the handling of SAP operates efficiently, consistently and reliably throughout its life.


Sapplicator’s complete range of Super Absorbent Polymer handling equipment is designed with these critical considerations in mind. Optimum SAP handling is assured, from receipt of raw material through to the final delivery at the user point. Throughout the process:

  • From the start at the Big Bag Discharger, precision designed for the effective and efficient discharge of Flexible IBCs
  • Through the vacuum conveying of the Super Absorbent Polymer material to the refill hopper of the metering feeder
  • On to the highly accurate loss in weight SAP dosing system
  • Finally, to the various discharge and distribution systems which deliver the SAP material to the specific point of use in the process

Sapplicator employs its extensive experience in the Absorbent Hygiene Products Industry to design and build the most cost effective Super Absorbent Polymer dosing solution, to suit your process and budgetary requirements.

This ensures that your critical ingredient will be metered into your production process accurately, consistently and reliably, enabling you to produce high quality products, maintain product integrity, and minimise wastage. Sapplicator is recognised worldwide as the benchmark for excellence in Super Absorbent Polymer Dosing and Handling Systems within the Absorbent Hygiene Products sector, from raw product receipt, right through to inclusion in the absorbent core.