RotaSAP® represents a major generational step forward in SAP dosing technology

RotaSAP® - Sapplicator's revolutionary SAP Dosing system

The RotaSAP® represents a major generational step forward in SAP dosing technology. It comprises a multi-pocketed rotary feeder using a single piece horizontal rotor running in a flat-bottomed chamber. The drivers for the development of the RotorSAP® were to provide a system with the following benefits:

  • Wide operating range from a single mechanical set up
  • Pulsation free output, even at low speed
  • Ability to handle several different types of SAP without extensive re-calibration
  • Linear and predictable output, thereby providing a machine which reaches the target feed rate as quickly as possible after start-up or speed change
  • Class-leading accuracy (CV) ensuring minimal SAP content deviation in the end product

Twin and 4-outlet versions can also be provided to increase output range further thus providing a ‘universal’ machine. Multi-outlet versions are also used in conjunction with the Sapplicator Flow Spreader to provide a ‘waterfall’ profile output stream of various widths where demanded by the production process.

Minimise waste, maximise performance with Sapplicator's RotaSAP® SAP Dosing System